Her skin flakes softly in my hand
Her heart pumps proudly in her chest
Her blood flows thick beneath the rust

Her eyes shine dully in their graves
Casting shadows on my cheek
Cried-out, dry as dust

And she bellows
“Will you ever come back?

Bring a handkerchief
And a tourniquet
And I’ll stare blankly
While you get it over with”

I take her at her word;
I hate to break the wings of a flightless bird

And her mind is,
A thing I cannot see,
And her body is
A weeping willow tree

And her heart is
Like a battery
And she knows she
Should move away from me

But she holds on to her dream of a family
And I dream of her dreams happily
And sleep is a place where she can be free

I’m back and I’m writing again and I brought pictures of elephants.

Expect to see pieces which I’m not too horrendously ashamed to post, soon!